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The 'candy slide' and other ways to have a safe Halloween during the pandemic

The National Confectioners Association says candy sales are already up 13 percent from last year.

HOUSTON — Pandemic or not – people are planning on having Halloween this year and the proof is in the profits.

The National Confectioners Association says candy sales are already up 13 percent from last year even though COVID-19 presents a very real thing to be wary of.

“Parents are really excited about Halloween because we have been quarantined for so long but also they want to do things safely and right,” Dr. Sandra McKay, a pediatrician with UT Physicians and UTHealth, said.

Dr. McKay has some tips on how to do that.

First everyone 2 and up should wear masks – make them spooky of course.

Also, keep your trick or treating group small, avoid touching doorbells, and use hand sanitizer after reaching into bowls.

If you’re passing candy out – do it outside.

“That’s taking your lawn chair out into your driveway or your front porch,” she said. “And have a lot of fun with how you were distributing your candy while still maintaining a little bit of distance.”

Here’s one idea – how about a candy slide!

“We’re ultimately just trying to build fun things and show you how to do it.”

Jay Grenier and Jaimie Nakae, of Austin, are the brainchild behind the Wickedmakers DIY YouTube channel. Their latest contraption is getting a lot of attention.

“What it is is a way to give candy to trick-or-treaters while staying 6 feet away. So we made out of PVC pipe so it’s really easy to build and you just slide the candy at the top and the kids can hold the bag at the bottom and it drops right in,” they explained.

Want to make one? Tap here for more.

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Have a pair of cooking tongs? Those work too!

“Put decorations on them and make them like lobster claws and hand them out.”

And when your little ones are all candied up, they don’t have to wait to eat it.

“COVID-19 is not really spreading significantly on surfaces so don’t feel like you need to take a hand sanitizer and scrub all your candy wrappers down.”

A little creativity is all you need to have a happy and safer Halloween.