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This Plano sewing shop wants your help making masks, and they'll give you the kit to do it

Kits, with instructions, will be available for curbside pickup on Wednesday.

Like many small businesses affected by the coronavirus, The Stitch House in Plano is trying not to fall apart at the seams, especially since it nearly did a few years ago.

As we first reported in 2018, this old sewing shop, formerly known as Compusew, was hanging on by a thread.

But when Jessica Bermudez bought the place, she focused less on making a profit and more on making a difference.

"I want to know that what I'm doing is serving a purpose and I think sewing helps a lot of people, and I think we can help a lot of people with sewing," Bermudez said in an interview two years ago.

Since that story aired, so many customers have returned that Bermudez had to buy a bigger building. She realized the sewing community was looking for a place where they could do more than just shop.

"Most of these women don't sew for themselves," Bermudez said. "They're always sewing to give to someone else."

For that reason, as the coronavirus continues to spread, Bermudez continues to be flooded with messages.

"They all just wanna help out," she said. "They all just keep emailing, 'What can we do, what can we do?'"

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Since no one is allowed in the store to use fabric and other materials, Bermudez is giving a lot of it away.

She's putting together kits that can be used to make masks. Anyone, whether they're a customer or not, is welcome to pull up in their car, grab a kit and take it home to make masks.

Each kit comes with instructions and enough material for 12 masks. Once finished, Bermudez says people can either give the masks to anyone who needs one or bring them back to the store in exchange for more kits. 

She says this is a project for everyone, not just people with sewing experience.

"You really just need a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, some needle and thread," Bermudez said. "Anybody can do this."

The Stitch House will have about 500 kits available and will try to make more as needed.

"I know that, at the core, we have a great group of people that are just willing to give and give and give until they just can't give anymore," Bermudez said.

Kits will be available Wednesday starting at 10 a.m. at The Stitch House, located at 605 18th Street, Plano.

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