At a time when many are hunkering down and practicing social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19, groups of people across the Dallas-Fort Worth area are watching out for their neighbors. 

In Dallas' District 10, a group of neighbors recently put together a mailer to do just that.

City Council Member Adam McGough posted a picture of the mailer to his Facebook page. On it, they asked people to check what services or items they might need but might not be able to go get on their own during the outbreak. 

That included things like food delivery, medicine pick-up or buying basic items like toilet paper.

The mailer also included a space for recipients to write out anything else they might need help with.

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And it's not just neighborhood groups that are encouraging neighborly efforts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks took to Twitter on Saturday night to say they would help support local businesses in the area. 

The organization plans to fully reimburse employees for breakfast and lunch purchases made from all small, local and independent establishments in the region during the pandemic, including takeout and delivery options. 

While it asks that anyone feeling sick not go out, the organization strongly encouraged all other employees to participate. 

The news of neighborly help comes at a time when many are encouraged to hear such heartwarming stories. 

As Mr. Rogers famously quoted his mother, "Look for the helpers. You'll always find people helping.”

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