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'You gotta fight': Mother, son hospitalized with COVID-19 wait for convalescent plasma transfusion

Lyndon LaPlante and his mom both have underlying health conditions and now severe symptoms of COVID-19. He has Down syndrome. His mom has lung disease.

KELLER, Texas — If anyone knows how to fight for what they want, it's Lyndon LaPlante.

He has Down syndrome and was born with a heart defect, but that never stopped him from joining his high school football team. Many remember his 99-yard touchdown run in 2005.

Lyndon grew up to be a volunteer quarterback coach.

He has fought through health issues his entire life, and now Lyndon is fighting COVID-19.

"You gotta fight. You gotta fight," said Lyndon.

He and his mom, Genni LaPlante, are sharing a hospital room. She also has underlying health conditions with lung disease. On Saturday, the whole family started feeling severe symptoms of COVID-19.

Recovering at home, Lyndon's dad, Don LaPlante, also contracted the virus. "We're just down over this," said Don. "Scared. Very, very scared."

He said Lyndon has the worst symptoms. "His heart will stop for two to three seconds and then start back up again."

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At the hospital, Lyndon received one convalescent plasma transfusion but is waiting on another. Genni has not received any, as she is waiting for a match.

"Both of their blood types are rare. Lyndon's is A+ and Genni's is AB+," said Don. As a father and husband, he feels helpless and worried, and he hopes more people who have recovered from COVID-19 will consider donating their plasma.

Lyndon is scared and wants to get better so he can go home. 

"I'm terrified," he said. 

But he wants to tell other COVID-19 patients that they are not alone: "You gotta fight."

For more information on how to donate convalescent plasma, click here.

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