DALLAS — Businesses across the City of Dallas are having a challenging week. It’s been a challenge since the governor and city leaders ordered many public places and businesses closed, in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Neighborhoods that are typically busy with foot traffic on Friday nights, had fewer people on the streets.

In East Dallas, spots like Ross & Hall are typically packed in the evenings.

Bar owner Jason Caswell said, "We’re doing the best we can.”

Caswell owns Ross & Hall. It’s among the bars and restaurants restricted to take-out and delivery service now.

Caswell explained, "Food orders for what I do, account to maybe 15 to 20-percent of our business. I mean, we rely on alcohol sales.”

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This week, the State of Texas also issued a waiver. It allows bars to deliver beer, wine, and cocktails with food orders. 

Some bar owners believe that will not help them much, since liquor stores and grocery stores remain open for sales.

Caswell asked, "What’s the point of paying a marked up price from the bar to have it delivered to your house?” 

In the Cedars neighborhood, a new restaurant named Turkey Leg Paradise is also feeling a hit. It’s normally bustling with business.

Owner Corey Bradley Jr. said, "Today, it’s somewhat of a ghost town.”

Bradley opened the restaurant four months ago. He says government restrictions, this week, have knocked business down about two-thirds.

”My biggest concern is the time wait,” Bradley explained. “Just knowing when. I mean the unknown. We all fear the unknown.”

Many bar and restaurant owners admit they are worried. They have employees and overhead to consider. 

The businesses are hoping for a quick turnaround.

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