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COVID hospitalizations are up, and many are still hesitant to get vaccinated

Tarrant County is considered one of the hot spots, with a total number of cases now approaching 225,000 people.

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — There is no denying it. COVID numbers are on the rise, and health officials tell us most of the hospitalizations are believed to be because of the Delta variant. And, there is still a lot of hesitancy from people to get vaccinated.

The weekends at Traders Village in Grand Prairie are about walking around, buying things and having a good time.

“We have a lot of people that are still concerned, but people generally feel safe here because we’re an outdoor venue,” said Chris Kenney, the general manager at Traders Village. Kenney said he’s always keeping COVID restrictions in mind, even moreso with the fast-spreading Delta variant.

Tarrant County is considered one of the hot spots, with a total number of cases now approaching 225,000 people.

Health officials say there is still a lot of vaccination hesitancy. And, that’s why the fair is holding a vaccination pop clinic, and the National Guard was on hand helping.

“UNT and Tarrant County have reached out to us with a pop-up vaccination site,” Kenney said.

Throughout the day, officials were on the loudspeaker saying in Spanish and English to please come in and get vaccinated, it’s free.

“We just say UNT is doing free vaccinations today,” Kenney said.

Like many, the Bautista family from Oak Cliff is on the fence about getting vaccinated.

“There are rumors it’s not safe,” said Suzanna Bautista. “I want to get it, but I don’t want to get it. I got the papers. Wash your hands, [wear] masks, and that’s what we still do."

While the Bautista family is still educating themselves about the vaccine, Jessica Hernandez, chose to get vaccinated, because she doesn’t want to go through another wave. 

“A lot of people were getting sick,” Hernandez said.

The pop-up tent from last weekend, and this weekend has had more than 200 people get vaccinated. They’re hoping to be back here next weekend. They want to remind everyone, you can just walk up, registration is free, and get vaccinated. You don’t even need your ID. The goal is to get everyone vaccinated.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct that the total number of cases in Tarrant County is approaching 225,000, not the rate of infection.

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