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COVID-19 experts concerned pandemic-fatigued Americans could be hit with a second wave during holiday season

Many had hoped the U.S. would be at 10,000 daily cases at this point, but daily counts are about 35,000 nationwide. Let's connect the dots.

Experts are warning Americans to brace for a second wave coronavirus, even though the first wave hasn't really ended. 

Let's connect the dots.

The goal heading into fall, at least for experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, was to get us down to 10,000 new coronavirus cases a day. 

We haven't hit that target. 

We are now averaging around 35,000 a day nationwide. And for people who monitor viral outbreaks, that is a problem.

So why are they concerned? First up, some states that are still seeing a high number of cases, such as Florida, are already easing restrictions. 

This comes as Americans are hitting peak pandemic fatigue, many eager to get back to normal. 

Also with holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it will be harder than ever to get people to stay socially distant.

All of these factors point to a second wave, as well as evidence from overseas. 

France is reporting its second wave of coronavirus arrived earlier than they thought. 

Now as French health officials try to impose restrictions in hotspots, they are running into local resistance. And officials there are bracing for a long and tough winter.


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