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'Can't touch this' | Alabama principal parodies MC Hammer to prep kids for school return

Throughout the video, the principal reminds students when it comes to water fountains, doorknobs and vending machines you 'can't touch this.'

As some schools prepare to return for in-person classes, an Alabama principal has gone viral for his creative way to remind students about the new restrictions surrounding coronavirus. 

Childersburg High School Principal Quentin Lee parodied MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" while going through some of the school's new health and safety protocols. 

His two-minute video already has more than 1 million views on YouTube.  

"My coronavirus, hits me so hard all the teachers say 'oh my lord.' COVID is stressing me, all the updates from the CDC," Lee raps in the video. "Lysol Can't be found, I've looked all around this town. I've had no luck. And these are things 'huh' ya can't touch."

Throughout the video, Lee is seen reminding students about wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining six feet of distancing.

The song's chorus remains the same as Lee reminds students that when it comes to water fountains, doorknobs and vending machines you "can't touch this." The song ends with "Stop!, Sanitize!"

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According to Alabama News Center, the video took 24 hours to produce. After writing the lyrics in 15 minutes, Lee called local film director Jaylen Mitchell who shot the video that day and had the video completed that night. 

Talladega County School District is set to return to school on Aug. 20 under a "Blended Learning Model" in which students will be split into two groups with both hybrid and in-person classes. 

“Basically, just really wanted to do something fun for back-to-school to kind of reinforce a lot of the new things we’re having to do,” Lee told USA Today. “I like making little silly videos for the kids, just to kind of get them excited about school. I wanted to something to help promote the community.”

"Can't Touch This" isn't Lee's first COVID related parody. Back in April Lee created his own "song" about his feelings about the virus. After a short musical introduction, Lee proceeds to scream, capturing his feelings of the virus. 

"A song of hope, encouragement, and joy regarding COVID-19," the description of the video sarcastically states. 

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