If the same old workout has you stuck in a rut, it’s time to jazz it up!

ClassPass is the newest fitness craze and it’s revolutionizing the way people in North Texas exercise.

“I loved this,” said Jordie Cahill, 24, about a rowing class. “It was like we weren't even working out."

ClassPass is a concept that changes the landscape of where and how you exercise. Rather than a membership to one gym, a ClassPass monthly fee gives you access to boutique fitness studios across DFW.

“I get to go to gyms all over,” said Erica Donkers, 39, following a workout class at Tread Fitness. “Every day it's something different and it's really fun.”

So, you customize your workout.

“Different environments, different groups of people,” Maryann Suhl, 27, told us is the best part of ClassPass.

You can check out indoor rowing in East Dallas, then the Barre Code in the Design District, switch to Cycle Bar in Flower Mound, try Tread Fitness in Highland Park, then head to Arlington’s The Firm cardio studio for surfing!

“I run, I cycle, kickboxing… there's not much that I don't do," said Ryland Holmes, 40, after an indoor Surfset class.

Holmes has the right idea. Switching up your routine keeps your body in check.

“It forces you to use muscles you don't ever use, do things you never thought you would do," said Jeremy Allen, Strength and Conditioning specialist at Baylor’s Tom Landry Fitness Center. Allen said adding variety to your workouts offers better results.

“You keep your muscles guessing from a balance standpoint, flexibility, strength and conditioning," said Allen.

With ClassPass, you’re limited to three classes at one studio per month. So you’re forced to step outside the box.

“People who would not have come in here and tried a class before are doing it now,” said Molly Setnick, co-owner of Crowbar Cardio in East Dallas.

Studio owners all told us they’ve noticed a huge boost in business since contracting with ClassPass.

“We had over 600 people just from ClassPass come through the door,” said Setnick.

You reserve spots through an app and can make it a social engagement with friends.

“They have this open ability to try whatever they want and to change as soon as they're bored,” said Setnick of ClassPass students.

“Once you factor in yoga and cycling and all these things you like doing and switching up with your body, you actually end up saving money,” said Cahill.

A sign of the times for those with shrinking attention spans and fear of commitment.