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Birth control vending machines installed in college campuses

Students at the University of California, Davis have a new selection in their vending machines.
Grad student and developer shows off his creation on the UC Davis campus, a vending machine that dispenses a variety of birth control.

Students at the University of California, Davis have a new selection in their vending machines.

That late night or early morning contraceptive need now has a quick fix.

UC Davis is offering students the morning after pill, condoms and pregnancy tests inside the convenience of a vending machine on campus.

Senior Parteek Singh came up with the idea after a friend was unable to buy the morning after pill in a timely manner.

The one other place contraception is sold on campus is the student health and wellness center, and it's only open during business hours.

Even the university recognizes the vending machine's appeal.

"When a contraceptive method is missed or fails, this provides an option to reduce the risk of pregnancy from that," said Cindy Schorzman from UC Davis Student Health.

Students say they like the idea no matter how unconventional it may be.

"It's not typical, but I think it's very useful nonetheless, and that's what vending machines are for," said student Jose Galindo.

"It's definitely a new idea, but I feel like it's not changing people's beliefs. It's just there," said student Evalyn Ponce.

The vending machine is inside the university's activities and recreation center. For $30, the morning after pill is yours.

"It's just a machine. It's not gonna give you any look or anything," said Singh.

A machine known for quenching thirst and satisfying hunger is now helping students with another more serious need.

Other higher learning institutions offer similar on-campus vending machines. Some have had the Plan B machines in place since 2012, and claim the machine dispenses between 350 and 400 doses of Plan B every year.

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