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A full- body workout in only 20 minutes? Yes please.

The machine does most of the work for you.

There's a new workout that has made it's way to Dallas. It's called Ninety20.

"Within 20 minutes you get your heart rate up, you get the cardio aspect, you get your weight training," said owner Trent Michel. "It combines everything into a 20 minute workout."

The concept comes from Europe and is derived from physical therapy and rehab. Using electrical muscle stimulation or EMS during a workout, Ninety20 offers good resistance training for anyone from people with limited mobility to elite athletes.

The machine does most of the work for you.

"It's like flexing every muscle in your body," Michel explained.

The trainer controls the intensity of the pulses which contract your muscles offering resistance.

"So even just doing a simple shoulder press feels like you're lifting 30 pounds," Michel said.

A series of low impact exercises are done while staying on a yoga mat the whole time. You move through the pulses for four seconds, and then rest in between intervals.

From punches to squats, the exercises get progressively harder.

Michel said that most people start to notice a real difference in toning and tightening after four sessions.

It's not recommended to do this type of workout more than twice a week due to risk of muscle fatigue. Ninety20 doesn't replace other workouts, rather it is supplemental.

Cost for a session can start at between $70-$80 for one-on-one or two-on-one training.

For more information on Ninety20: https://ninety20.com

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