CEDAR HILL – The Dallas County Health and Human Services department is confirming new mumps cases at Cedar Hill High School.

The health department says it can confirm 27 cases on that campus. It is also confirming 6 additional mumps cases in the City of Mesquite and the City of Dallas.

“This is a big concern,” Antonio Edwards said as he dropped off his daughter at the high school.

As worry over a mumps outbreak at Cedar Hill High School continues growing in the community, the school District says it is taking precautions. Yet, some parents are still on edge and asking questions.

Edwards said, “The kids, every one of them is going home, and going home to a family. That family is going to work. That family has other kids there too, so yeah, it’s big problem.”

With now, 27 confirmed cases of the highly contagious viral disease affecting the campus over the past three weeks, Dallas County health department is working with the school to set up an immunization clinic. Staff will administer a third round of vaccines to students and staff on the campus.

“If they become ill, of course, by all means, we’re asking that you stay home from school and from work,” Dallas County Medical Director Dr. Christopher Perkins said. “Seek medical evaluation to see if you actually have the mumps. Use cough etiquette, when you cough, cover up your coughs, sneezes. Use Kleenex, handkerchiefs, your forearm. Also, wash your hands frequently with soap and water.”

The mumps produces cold or flu-like symptoms. It can lead to swelling in the salivary glands and face.

The outbreak has become such a concern, it is the first topic you will see on the Cedar Hill High School website. The tab leads parents to information and vaccine registration.

Meantime, administrators say the District is being vigilant in keeping the school cleaned.

Cedar Hill ISD Spokesperson Jamie Brown said, “We’ve been bringing in extra people at night, and on the weekends, to help clean. We’ve been making sure all of our hand sanitizer dispensers are full.”

Health care workers say the vaccination rate among students and staff has been high. But for that, they believe the mumps outbreak would be more severe.

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