WYLIE, Texas -- North Texas families are mourning the loss of three of their own following a head-on collision in Hayes County last month.

"I used to call him on the way home from work and we’d talk for 30 minutes," said Matt Masullo of his brother Dan.

"We would talk about crazy business ideas that we would never do anything about, or why regular yogurt doesn’t taste as good as frozen yogurt," he said. "I mean, just random stuff."

Those silly conversations ended long before they should have. The Masullo's grew up in Arlington. Dan fell head over heels for Angela who also has family here. They married in 2004 and had a daughter, Abby. Each made their mark on North Texas before they all moved down to Wimberly in 2010.

"Dan was one of those guys that he recognized this was his family and he was going to put his family first," said Matt.

The three were together, with Angela’s son Christian, headed to see a movie the night of June 15. On a two-lane highway in Hayes County, a car hit them head-on. The crash killed that driver, 22-year-old Ramiro Ramirez, Dan, 44, and Angela, 40. Christian survived, and is now staying with family in North Texas. Abby put up a fight for her life, before she ultimately passed last week at age 12.

"The hole that it has left in our family I mean, you can’t fill that," said Matt.

What the Masullo's can try to do is protect other drivers on that part of Ranch Road 12, known for its share of accidents. Matt’s spoken with hays county commissioner Lon Shell.

"We’re very concerned about any accident that happens within our county, and we’re always going to take a look and see if there’s anything we can do," said the Commissioner.

He says in the short term, they’ve added more patrolmen on that stretch of road. That’s the kind of thing Matt would love to tell Dan.

"Just driving home from work, I want to call him and have a random conversation with him and I can’t," said Matt. "That’s when it really starts to get real."

The family is holding a memorial for Dan, Angela and Abby on Friday, July 27 at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church on Kenwood in Dallas at 1:30 p.m. For more on the family, visit their GoFundMe page.