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Wishing tree in Oak Cliff inspires Dallas neighborhood

Thousands of wishes cover an old oak tree in Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood. The wishes range from comical to heartbreaking and profound.

DALLAS — An old oak tree in Oak Cliff holds the neighborhood's hopes and dreams. 

Thousands of wishes written on colorful pieces of paper decorate the tree. They've been left there anonymously over the last few years by thousands of people passing by or stopping for lunch at The Local Oak. 

Alycen Cuellar owns The Local Oak and started what she calls "the wishing tree" two years ago. She wanted to create a place where people could share what was in the heart. 

"Some of them are so profound and others are funny. When you hear a person's wish, you get to know who they are in a different way," Cuellar said. 

Some of the most popular wishes have to do with having children or a family member's cancer diagnosis. 

Cuellar says she was surprised and inspired by the fact that most wishes aren't made for the wisher, instead people wish for the people they love. 

"That was surprising, and it was so nice to know where the heart is at," Cuellar said. 

There are only two rules at the wishing tree. The first rule is you wish for what your heart most desires, and the second rule is that you have to read someone else's wish and wish for them too. 

"I thought it was important that we think of others and never forget our neighbors," Cuellar said. 

The tree has been a huge hit and reveals what people want. Ultimately, it's a life full of love for themselves and the people they care about. 

"I don't care who you are. We all want to be loved and to have our loved ones be happy," Cuellar said.

The tradition continues to grow. 

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