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Hairspray can explodes in hot car, smashes windshield

A can of hairspray left inside a hot car Tuesday in Vancouver heated up and exploded through the windshield.

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A Vancouver woman received quite a shock when she walked out to her car after work Tuesday.

Karmen Ayres' windshield was severely cracked and something was protruding from the glass.

On closer inspection, she noticed it was a can of hairspray lodged in her cracked windshield. She said she had left the can in her car on the back passenger side seat.

PHOTOS: Hairspray can explodes in hot car

"At first I looked up, because I thought maybe something fell," Eyres said. "But then I noticed it was from the inside out. I was in shock and then I realized what it was."

Temperatures in Vancouver reached the low-90s Tuesday. Her car heated up and the can exploded, slamming through her windshield.

Eyres said she didn't mean to leave the can of hairspray in her car and said she was grateful nobody was in the car when the can exploded.

Karmen said she was surprised the can had the force to break her windshield.

"It launched like a rocket," she said.

An insurance salesperson, Karmen said she's heard of other things exploding in a hot car, like pop cans, wine bottles and even loaded guns.

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