GRANBURY, Texas—The Williamson family said it happened quickly under the cover of darkness.

"We had plans to always have him around, and it was surprising when he wasn't there," Nadya Williamson told WFAA on Thursday.

Last week, five feet of Medieval armor, affectionally known as ‘Murphy,’ vanished from the Williamson family’s front porch on Pearl Street.

The armor statue was a wedding gift of sorts 16 years ago.

"We borrowed him from a friend to put with the guestbook at our wedding. She realized we loved him so much, she gifted him to us," said Nadya.

The wife and mother of two, who also teaches first grade in Granbury ISD, showed WFAA a photo of an exact replica of the armor.

The family has filed a police report.

Despite some chuckles around town, Nadya said pretty much everyone has their eyes peeled for the family favorite.

“We’ve got hashtags going like Operation, #bringmurphyhome,” she said.

Police are taking the theft seriously, posting to Facebook themselves in hopes of getting the word out.

Nadya said if the armor, which actually holds together as one piece, suddenly reappears on at its spot, that’ll probably be good enough for the family.

"I think Murphy would be glad of my efforts," said Nadya with a laugh.

Anyone with any information about the theft, which occurred early Jan. 3, can contact Crime Stoppers at 817-573-8477.