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Girls 'futsal' indoor soccer team raising funds for World Futsal Championship

In a short amount of time, sixth graders from Spence Middle School in Dallas learned and championed a new sport.

In a short amount of time, sixth graders from Spence Middle School in Dallas learned and championed a new sport.

It’s called futsal, which is commonly described as indoor soccer played by five-on-five players. The girls team recently won a tournament that is taking them to the World Futsal Championship in Florida.

There’s one main hurdle they need to overcome. “I believe we have to raise $15,000 and we’ve raised about $3,500,” said Lexie Ermey, one of the players.

Coach Scott Brothers said that much money is hard to come by. “We’re so confined to the inner city,” he said, “Some of these girls have never been on an airplane.”

Brothers says the girls deserve this trip and have earned an invitation to the World Futsal Championship. They’re continuing to work hard to raise money to go.

The girls have already done several car washes, stood in front of dollar stores, and more.

This weekend on Saturday, June 23, they are holding a fundraiser at Chipotle at 4502 McKinney Avenue. Between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., 50 percent of proceeds will be donated to the futsal team. They ask that people mention the fundraiser when checking out at the restaurant.

Going to Florida is much more than a futsal tournament for this team. All season long, they have been playing in honor of Coach Brothers’ wife, Diana Brothers.

“We wanted to play for her. We wanted her to go to Disney with us,” said student Karen Benitez.

But after making it to the World Futsal Championship, they recently learned Diana will not be able to go with them to Florida. She instead will be going through her last round of chemotherapy and surgery.

The girls say when if and when they raise the money, they will go to Florida and continue to play for Diana, their biggest fan and their greatest inspiration.

The coach and his wife truly appreciate the girls dedication and care for their family. “These girls have no idea how much they actually helped her through this chemo process,” said Coach Brothers, “They deserve it.” He hopes he can help them get to Florida for the championship.