Technically speaking, Cara Holloway got exactly what she wanted. But truthfully, she knew she could do more.

"We have the ability to do it and it's how you use that platform and it just makes sense," Cara, organizer of the Frisco College Baseball Classic, said.

For years, Cara and her husband, Ryan, dreamed of a college baseball tournament in Frisco. Last year, they made it happen with the inaugural Frisco College Baseball Classic.

But Cara soon realized baseball wasn't just for watching.

"It's not. It's not just about baseball," she said. "It's about providing opportunities, providing awareness for the causes that are important to all of us."

Last year’s tournament benefited the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in honor of their niece, Avery. But this year, Cara and Ryan wanted to help more kids.

That's why they partnered with Keeper of the Game, an organization that uses baseball to change the lives of those with special needs.

Cameron Wright is one of those people. He's 11 and loves baseball.

"I wish I could stay here forever," Cameron said while sitting in the ballpark stands.

His entire life he's heard people say he'd never be able to play, but thanks to Keeper of the Game he can.

That's why Cara and Ryan invited kids just like Cameron to enjoy the weekend tournament.

The kids even got to play ball with some of the players and while none of it changed the outcome of the tournament, it did have a tremendous impact.

“It gives me hope that I can do stuff in the future that I wanna do,” Cameron said.

Cara and Rayn thought Frisco needed great baseball. Turns out, great kids needed it too.