Vivek Dahal was described as a "cheerful and humble," a 23-year-old who had a zest for life. He is originally from Nepal and came to the United States on a student Visa.

"That's why we all are here," said Prabhajar Dahal, a friend of Vivek's, and among the eight young men who showed up Wednesday to honor their friend.

Vivek Dahal died Monday after he drowned at Lewisville Lake. His friends, who have now become his second family, went regularly to the Lake. Vivek was a strong swimmer and, friends say, had barely a can of beer to drink that day.

"I was not in the right state of mind. I cannot sleep at night thinking about him," said Prayash Baral, a friend of Vivek's.

Vivek hadn't been home in Nepal in four years. He was supposed to go back this summer. That may still happen, but just not the way anyone thought. He wanted to see his family before he started at the University of Texas Arlington. The struggle now is paying to get his body home.

"They would at least like to see their son before he is cremated back home," said Prayash Bastola of the Nepalese Society of Texas. The group is helping the group of friends raise enough money to help bring Vivek back to Nepal.

"We lost our friend; all we can say is help us get him to his parents," said Dahal.

The GoFundme page has been created to help the family pay for transportation costs.