Running the Dallas Marathon is a feat and a challenge for some.

“He had a dream. Definitely, he had a dream,” said Wes Martin.

Mike Martin, 38, was on a mission to run his first half marathon. He was training with the Dallas Running Club to run in the Dallas Marathon this coming Sunday. In May while training at White Rock Lake, he suddenly collapsed.

"They tried to revive him on the spot and had couple of medical professionals already there and EMS came out shortly after and tried to revive him on site but unable to resuscitate him,” said Martin.

His family says he was healthy and they had no indication anything was wrong with his heart. An autopsy later revealed the problem. He had an undiagnosed heart condition.

In Mike Martin’s honor, his family and friends from across the country are coming to run the marathon. A dozen of his friends and family from across the country will run the marathon Sunday in his honor. "It really will be a celebration of his life and his memory and that he is always with us. It will be really amazing,” said Olivia Martin, a sister-in-law.

Mike Martin will not get to cross the finish line like thousands of others, so his family and friends will finish the race for him.