Emil Bragdon has been opening bars and restaurants for more than a decade.

"It's all seating area, then we’ve got more seating over there," he said as he gave us a tour of one of his newest spots under construction, Reservoir at the Toyota Music Factory.

It's no longer just ambiance and flow he thinks about during construction; it's safety, too.

"We have to think worst case scenario, which is something we would’ve never taken into account before," said Bragdon, owner of Reservoir and Whiskey Garden in Fort Worth.

The shooting that left 12 people and the shooter dead Wednesday night at a California bar is yet another grim reminder that violence can happen where we least expect it. It came less than two weeks after 11 people were shot and killed at a Pennsylvania synagogue.

"A lot of it is about safety and getting out of the space if there's an event that happens like that," said architect Tyler Duncan of Duncan Design Group in Dallas. He says current events may change how clients look to design restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.

"I'd like to see them spend a little more money on technology of shutting music off, turning house lights on and turning off theatrical lights" in case of an emergency, Duncan said.

At Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, tragedies like Wednesday's shooting make them look at security with fresh eyes.

"Every person that comes in gets ID'ed, they pass through a couple of checks to even get into the bar," said Pam Minick. "We have plenty of exits and all of our staff is trained in active shooter (training)."

Bragdon says he's long employed off-duty uniformed police officers at his bars and will continue to look for ways to ensure the safety of patrons and staff. FWPD has a dedicated West 7th area unit to patrol during high-popularity bar times, in addition to the off-duty officers at many bars.

"It's something I'm thinking about right, now big time," he said.