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Texas band Bowling For Soup 'finally' answers age-old question about its name

"Are they bowling to earn soup or bowling on behalf of soup?" The rock band has responded.

DALLAS — Some people ponder the meaning of life, others ask themselves, "what is love?"

But for fans of Bowling For Soup, there's another question that's been on their minds for decades.

"Are they bowling to earn soup or bowling on behalf of soup?"

The popular 2000s rock band got its start in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1994, and since then, fans have wondered what the band's name means.

Is there some sort of philosophical meaning to the name? Is the name actually referring to socio-economic factors of our society?

Well, according to the band, the answer is actually quite simple: "We just really like soup, ok"

After years and years, the band known for hits such as "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" and "1985" gave an answer to a question fans have been wanting to know.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Bowling For Soup posted a screenshot of a direct message on Twitter in which the band replied to the question: "Are they bowling to earn soup or bowling on behalf of soup?"

The band replied: "To earn."

And there you have it. You can now rest easy.

"One of the worlds greatest mysteries finally solved," one fan wrote on Facebook.

Giving back to North Texas music

Music fans will soon be seeing the name Bowling For Soup as the band looks to give back to the North Texas music scene.

In a Facebook post, the band from Texas said it would be sponsoring a stage at the SO WHAT?! music festival at Choctaw Stadium in Arlington later this month.

The sponsored stage will feature bands from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the band said.

"Giving up-and-coming artists a stage to play on at such a huge festival is the least we can do. I remember what a huge deal things like this were for us when we couldn’t get a gig on our own," Bowling for Soup singer Jaret Reddick said in a statement. "Many of these musicians have paid to get into our shows or bought our merch, so for us, it’s a way to say thank you. It’s a thank you to all these awesome artists and to the DFW music scene itself."

The music festival will be taking place on Memorial Day weekend from May 27 through May 29. Information on what bands are performing and how to purchase tickets can be found here.

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