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New in theaters this weekend: Gemini Man, The Addams Family and more

Twice as much Will Smith isn't necessarily twice as good
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Gemini Man

Can anyone de-throne "Joker" at the movies this weekend? How about Will Smith times two? 

In "Gemini Man", he plays a government operative ready to retire, but a younger, faster version of him want to speed up his departure. Yes, the second version actually Smith, as well. 

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee brings the digital de-aging tricks and shoots at a super high frame rate. 

But both are super distracting. The de-aging looks okay in the dark, but really odd and pasty in daylight. And the 120-per-frame shooting is too real-looking, like you're not even watching a movie. 

This project has been hanging around for a couple of decades, and the screenplay feels tired. 

Did you like Smith as "Aladdin" this summer? Good. Stick with that. This was not worth his time and it not worth yours either.

Paramount Pictures - Rated PG-13

The Addams Family

They're creepy and they're kooky. 

Go ahead, you know you want to sing along! Snap your fingers, too. You can't help yourself! 

"The Addams Family" are back and animated. Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaacs voice Morticia and Gomez. Chloe Grace Moretz, their rebellious daughter Wednesday who wants to explore the world outside the macabre. 

Meantime, an HGTV-type host sees Chez Addams as a fixer-upper that's ruining property values. 

This starts out really cute and clever, but after about 15 minutes, loses its edge, especially when we're so familiar with source the material. Lost opportunity here.

MGM - Rated PG

The Laundromat

A long time ago, Steven Soderbergh said he was retiring from directing movies. "The Laundromat" makes you wish he'd kept his word. 

A widow played by a fabulously frumpy Meryl Streep is expecting big money from an insurance claim. When there's nothing there, she sets out to trace where in the world that money went! 

Her search leads to Panama City, home of a money laundering operation (Get the title now?). Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas have fun as narrators and fraudulent law partners in a scheme loosely based on The Panama Papers. 

While the movie has a stellar cast, the story is broken up into so many pieces, it loses all creative cohesion. "The Big Short" a few years ago, was a much better look at financial corruption.

Netflix -  Rated R

Lucy In The Sky

Remember the female NASA astronaut so obsessed with a colleague she went on a long-distance road trip to track down his 'other woman?' This will jog your memory: she wore adult diapers so she wouldn't have to stop along the way. 

That's the basis of "Lucy in the Sky," starring Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm. I have not seen this yet but I'm told they give her a backstory of being unable to adjust to the real world after coming back from a space mission. Not sure why they saw the need to hijack a Beatles song for the title.

Fox Searchlight - Rated R


And for those who are phone-obsessed, there's "Jexi." When Adam DeVine gets a new smartphone, his virtual assistant voiced by Rose Bryne, takes over his life. 

They only screened this for a college crowd, but I may check it out. DeVine is usually funny.

Lionsgate - Rated R