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List: 100 things to do while stuck at home social distancing

Ride roller coasters, check out museums, tour historic and mysterious locations ... virtually, of course.

AUSTIN, Texas — Many people are staying at home right now without a clue of what to do while social distancing due to the coronavirus.

Here's a list of 100 things you can do while stuck at home:

1. Learn a new language.

Sign language, Spanish, French, whatever you're trying to learn, YouTube and Duolingo could help. 

2. Workout.

Take a virtual class with a local gym, or Shelter in Shape with Jake Garcia. 

3. Create a collage

Use old magazines and book covers to create something new. 

4. Knit a hat (or something else).

Find patterns on Ravelry and tutorials on YouTube.

5. Cook a new recipe.

Present it to your family as if you are on a chef show.

6. Dance. (Social DisDANCING)

Turn on your favorite song to dance to and go crazy, or follow along with Esquina Tango.  

7. Play an online game with friends.

Use Jackbox Games and Zoom.

8. Learn all of the TikTok dances.

This might be an app mostly populated by people under 20, but those dances look fun!

9. Become a photographer.

Do a photoshoot. Take new headshots. Take pictures of things around your home.

10. Puppet show.

To take up extra time, make your own puppets. 

11. Meditate.

Use an app/website like Headspace

12. Read all those books you’ve been planning to read.

You know, the ones you keep on the shelf and haven't gotten to yet. 

13. Write a poem/book/short story.

It doesn't have to be the next Shakespeare novel. Just write.

14. FaceTime your mom, grandma, or any family member.

Check in on them. Let them know how you are. 

15. Write a letter to a loved one.

Remember when this was the norm? Let's bring it back!

16. Organize your closet Marie Kondo style.

Does this spark joy for you? 

17. Support local business by ordering take-out.

Check out the list here. 

18. Play hide and seek.

Generally works best if you have others at home with you. 

19. Learn calligraphy.

Thin upstroke. Thick down-stroke. Here's a tutorial.

20. Learn how to do a new makeup look.

Cut-crease, baking, contouring ... there's a lot. Now is the time to learn because you're alone. YouTube tutorials, anyone?

21. Take care of your skin.

Do a face mask. Get better face care habits now. 

22. Watch Albert teach you about meteorology.

Learn about thunderstorms, tornadoes, the atmosphere and more. 

23. Color.

This isn't just an activity for kids. Get an adult coloring book, or draw a picture in black marker and color it with colored pencils. 

24. Re-arrange your furniture.

Make it feel like a brand new home. 

25. Watch a new show.

Check here to see what the KVUE employees are watching. 

26. Take a virtual tour of the Winchester Mystery House.

Check out the mystery and history behind the house.

27. Learn how to draw from children’s author Mo Willems.

New episodes are posted each weekday.

28. Go on virtual rides.

TheCoasterViews has rides from Disney, Six Flags, Cedar Point and more. 

29. Check out the Texas Quarantine Activity Book.

It's free, and made from Texas Humor.

30. Learn how to make floral arrangements.

The Flower Social is still teaching on YouTube

31. Do a virtual cheese tasting class with Antonelli’s.

They also offer virtual cheese mongering

32. Donate to a charity.

Just pick one that you love.

33. Set up an indoor beach.

No, you don't have to bring sand inside. Use a blanket as the sand.

34. Test out that green thumb.

Plant seeds. Garden. 

35. Paint your nails.

Don't forget to take care of yourself!

36. Cut your own hair.

Please watch tutorials before you do this. Also ... start small. 

37. Watch animal live streams.

Elephants, pandas, monkeys and more. You can watch different animals here.

38. Explore museums.

Visit the British Museum in London or the Guggenheim Museum in New York virtually.  

39. Take a nap.

You deserve it.

40. Go outside ... safely, of course.

Fresh air can help!

41. Watch new movies.

Universal Pictures is releasing new movies through On Demand, Apple and Amazon.

42. Dress up in costumes.

It does not have to be Halloween.

43. Dress up fancy, and have a nice virtual dinner with friends.

Fancy Friday has a nice ring to it. 

44. Have an indoor picnic.

Bonus: No ants.

45. Throw a Christmas party.

People are putting up Christmas lights. Hallmark is playing Christmas movies. Why not throw a virtual Christmas party?

46. Scavenger hunt.

Hide clues around your house. This could waste a lot of time. 

47. Play trivia.

Online, or write your own!

48. Watch a show with your friends using Netflix Party.

Get the popcorn ready.

49. Bake.

Cookies, cakes, brownies or homemade pie.

50. Teach others something through social media.

Share your knowledge!


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51. Karaoke.

No one will judge you.

52. Do a puzzle.

Then take that puzzle apart and do another one.

53. Build a city with Legos.

Then take that Lego city apart and build another one.

54. Make jewelry.

It doesn't have to be fancy. Just use what you have.

55. Have a tea party.

Pinkies up!

56. Yoga.

Either through an app or with a local studio.

57. Make a scrapbook.

Gather all your old photos and organize.

58. Clean your house.

Like, really clean it ... with good cleaning supplies.

59. Clean out your purse.

You don't need that receipt from three years ago ... probably.

60. Clean out your car.

Those old, cold french fries have got to go.

61. Build a fort. 

Get your blankets, pillows and make a safe place.

62. Ice cream sundaes.

Get out all the special toppings!

63. Play a board game.

Monopoly will get rid of a lot of time.

64. Camp in the living room.

Bonus: no mosquitos. 

65. Write down your life goals.

Then write the steps to help you achieve those goals. 

66. Create a vision board.

Start planning now!

67. Set up a new budget.

Get your money in order!

68. Set your menu for the week.

You're more likely to follow through if things are planned and written down.

69. Listen to a podcast.

There's a podcast for everything. 

70. Start a gratitude journal.

Happiness is directly related to gratitude, so taking this step will make you happier. 

71. Order margaritas.

Margarita delivery is a thing now. 

72. Play cards.

Poker, blackjack, solitaire, rummy, crazy eights. 

73. Take an online class.

Learn how to do the things you've always wanted to learn.

74. Start a vlog.

You might want to look back and remember these moments. 

75. Origami.

You only need paper and a tutorial. 

76. Clean your kitchen and refrigerator.

Get rid of those leftovers you're never going to eat. 

77. Download a new app.

Candy Crush, Wordscapes, Snake '97, Nonogram.

78. Sing ... or learn how to sing.

Let's hear those pipes.

79. Learn how to juggle.

Then when we can finally go to parties you can show off your new skills.

80. Make a time capsule.

Then let your family find it in 20 years.

81. Make some homemade greeting cards.

For any holiday. 

82. Learn a magic trick.

People love magic. 

83. Write a letter to your future self, children or grandchildren.

Give yourself some encouraging words, and tell your family how much you care.

84. Get your Christmas shopping done early.

Online, of course. 

85. Plan vacations for when this is over.

It will give you something to look forward to. 

86. Help someone in need.

Reach out to your neighbors.

87. Make a themed Spotify playlist.

It can be based on your favorite show, or a genre you love. 

88. Discover new music.

Or get back in touch with your boy band phase. 

89. Make a cardboard castle.

Declare yourself the king or queen. 

90. Video games.

You can play alone or use Twitch to allow other people to watch. Also, it's your chance to seem like a world-class athlete.

91. Make a movie.

You don't need fancy equipment to make your own movie. 

92. Try your hand at stop-motion.

Then share your hard work with your friends. 

93. Pickle some food.

Then throw that food on some tacos. 

94. Play charades.

Write characters on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. 

95. Make a music video.

Dance like no is watching ... because no one is ... because you're quarantined. 

96. Learn graphic design.

Then design yourself a logo. 

97. Watch celebrities on social media.

Josh Gad is reading children's books on Instagram. 

98. Give/get a massage.

Get your stress out.

99. Make up new knock-knock jokes.

Knock, knock. Who's there? 

100. Watch KVUE.



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