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Chris Pratt gets grilled by his high school wrestling and football coaches

The star of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is put in the hot seat by two of his former mentors at Lake Stevens High School.
Chris Pratt, posing with the rest of his wrestling team at Lake Stevens High School.

Long before he trained dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Chris Pratt was a student at Lake Stevens High School.

So we decided he should be interviewed by a couple of people who trained him in life.

LSHS wrestling coach Brent Barnes and football coach/Leadership Class advisor Mike Hodgins recorded questions for Pratt, and Kim Holcomb played them during an interview with the actor and his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard.

PRATT: “I'm so excited for this, I always love when you do this Kim, I'm just so grateful. Oh, Hodge!”

HODGINS: "Hey Chris. What was more memorable for you - the very first fish you ever caught, or your very first headshot?"

PRATT: "Wow, that is a pretty great headshot…”

HOWARD: “First fish you ever caught, do you remember?”

PRATT: “I don't remember my first fish.”

HOWARD: “Do you remember that headshot?”

PRATT: “I think the first headshot has got to be the most memorable. I caught a lot of fish growing up and I'm not exactly sure which one was my first but my first headshot is pretty memorable."

HODGINS: "What was more exhilarating or more adrenaline-spiking - being in the King Bowl your sophomore year for the state championship game, or your first standing ovation in an assembly when you played Danny Zuko from Grease, or being face to face with dinosaurs?"

PRATT: “(laughter) By far, the first two. I love being face to face with dinosaurs, I love bringing these films to the big screen, it's a big deal. But for me, being in the King Bowl sophomore year of high school, playing in the Kingdome - that was unreal. And I was, you know, 14 or 15 years old, that was pretty big. And then getting a standing ovation for doing the thing my brother had done before in Leadership Class and building on that - I peaked right there. And then it's been kind of a gradual plateau. It's been very pleasant, for 20 years."

BARNES: "Chris, I was wondering why you haven't turned in your wrestling uniform from high school?"

PRATT: "Ahhh... (laughter)”

HOWARD: “Could you answer that please, Chris?”

HOLCOMB: “Do you wear it around the house, let's be honest?”

PRATT: “I do, it's a singlet. Singlets are super comfortable.”

HOLCOMB: “They are the most hideous article of clothing.”

PRATT: “In what way? They are a hideous article of clothing, but in terms of competition, it's you, someone else, and nothing. They used to wrestle naked in the Olympics, because it's man versus man but they for some reason stopped doing that in high school, and I want to bring it back. Thank you Brent.”

HOLCOMB: “Hashtag Naked Wrestling.”

HOWARD: “Yes!"

BARNES: "And also Chris, it looks like you're missing a book from the library… Jurassic Park. You know where that's at?”

PRATT: (laughter)

HOWARD: “He never read that, he never read that in high school.”

PRATT: “I'm trying to get through it, it's a big book. It doesn't have that many pictures. I'm close, I'm close."

HOLCOMB: "I hate that I have to be the one to do this but they printed a bill for you…”

PRATT: “Wait, what? The interest and handling fee of the singlet is $1,300?"

HOWARD: "This is why we need everyone to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so Chris can pay his debt. Chris has a debt with the Lake Stevens High School. You've got to pay your debts, dude.”

PRATT: “I'm gonna let it roll, I'm gonna let it roll. As soon as I finish the book, I'm gonna send it back and you'll get your money. But the singlet's mine. It's mine. (laughter)"

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in theaters June 22.

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