FARMERSVILLE, Texas -- If you take the unlikeliest thing and put it in the unlikeliest place, you have what just happened in the small town of Farmersville. Off of State Highway 78 sits a red English-style phone booth in front of Farmersville High School.

Police Chief Mike Sullivan told WFAA that he heard from so many concerned parents that the school's crossing guard had no safe place to be in inclement weather. So Sullivan drove all the way to Oak Cliff to pick up a phone booth that needed a lot of work. "I came across this one. I fell in love with this one and I had to have it," said Sullivan.

Sullivan got help from Oscar "Rusty" Hoyt who has a car repair shop, named Rusty's Bodywerks just south of town. Rusty has never taken on a project like this before and it took him all summer to refurbish an old phone booth "We will do an occasional telephone booth," he laughed.

The wood framed-booth is meant for Shalon Pearson of Farmersville. Shalon is a volunteer crossing guard and is born and raised from this town. Everyone but her asked if a shelter could be made to get Shalon out of the weather elements. "She has somewhere to go to get out of the rain and the snow and anything else," said Sullivan.

It is the perfect place for Shalen because Sullivan tells WFAA that she jumps at every volunteer opportunity in town. "This keeps me healthy and keeps me out of all of that," she said.

Having never been in a phone booth to now working out of one. Shalen tells WFAA that she is thankful to all the people involved in making the phone booth happen. "I guess that would make me Superwoman," Shalen laughed.