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UT Board of Regents approves percentage that schools can increase tuition

Some out-of-state and graduate students could see their tuition increased soon.

AUSTIN, Texas — The cost for out-of-state students to attend the University of Texas is already a struggle for some students. 

UT sophomore Caleb Fleishman knows something about that.

“I have to take out a ton of loans,” Fleishman said.

With a potential tuition increase for UT schools incoming, students like Fleishman are concerned.

“It’s kind of unfair to everyone out of state who wants to go to UT for such good programs,” he said.

The UT Board of Regents established up to a 5.2% tuition increase for non-resident undergrad and graduate students. It's up to the different UT schools to decide how much they will increase tuition. 

"I'm fortunate enough to not have a lot of financial difficulties with tuition," said Sheriyar Hyderali, a UT grad student. "But I know a lot of my friends are in graduate school. They rely on their fellowships and scholarships as well ... So, I feel like it's going to make it tougher for them."

The university said it’s in line with the Higher Education Price Index (HPEI), which helps calculate inflation for colleges and helps determine school’s budgets. According to the HPEI, 2022’s inflation is the second highest it’s been since the 6% increase in 2001.

In an email, a spokesperson shared UT Austin will be increasing tuition for out-of-state undergraduate student's by 5%. Tuition for UT's graduate students and in-state undergraduates will remain the same. 

But Fleishman, who is from Connecticut, is still concerned about a potential tuition increase.

“It’s really telling that they say they care about the students, and they say they care about making it as cheap, as accessible as possible, but it's not,” he said.

Fleishman is trying to apply for in-state tuition because he has been living in Austin for a while and is moving here this summer.

The Board of Regents clarified in its meeting this week that any of these tuition increases would have no effect on in-state students. If they decide to employ an increase, there will also be a public hearing to discuss the tuition changes.

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