DALLAS -- There was a good deal of confusion and frustration outside ITT Technical Institute campuses in North Texas on Tuesday.

Thousands of students learned the school shut down. The closure, part of a sanction, left students wondering what to do.

”We didn’t get a notice at all,” said student Owen Clear as he arrived to ITT Tech’s DeSoto campus.

Owen Clear
Owen Clear

The reaction of surprise was similar at the school’s campus in Richardson.

”This morning, I got up and checked my e-mail, and it said your school is closed,” said Melissa Bosworth, a senior nursing student.

Some students say they knew ITT Tech was having accreditation issues, but nothing this serious.

The for-profit school has been at the center of several state and federal investigations. Students say they were urged not to worry.

“We were told that, especially being a senior class, we would be seen through to graduation,” said another nursing student as she stood with her classmates.

The sign that greeted ITT Tech students who arrived to the campus Tuesday.
The sign that greeted ITT Tech students who arrived to the campus Tuesday.

Signs were taped to the doors of the DeSoto campus, advising students the buildings were closed. Nationwide, the school says it had to lay off 8,000 employees.

Clear says he was optimistic ITT Tech would help him easing into a new career field. He was taking information technology classes after being laid off from another job.

”Right now, I’m just kind of concerned about what’s going to happen with the career choice that I’m trying to start,” he said.

An ITT Tech campus.
An ITT Tech campus.

The Department of Education alleges ITT Tech put its students and millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal student aid at risk through its questionable operations.

ITT Tech issued a statement saying the government’s sanctions are a complete disregard to the company’s due process.

That leaves little comfort to students like Bosworth.

“We paid $50,000 to come to this school, to get our nursing degree,” she said, “and I have three months left and no degree.”