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'I. Love. Teaching.': Dallas ISD educator reflects on her purpose and passion during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been stressful for many educators. Yet, gratitude and focusing on their passion is helping them push through.

DALLAS — Many people are intentionally sharing expressions of gratitude these days. Those expressions remind people of blessings, gifts, and positive moments during tough times like a pandemic.

One social media post from an educator in Dallas Independent School District is catching attention. This week, Maya Gray left three simple words on her Facebook page.

“I. Love. Teaching,” Gray wrote.

Three simple words.

Gray, an Instructional Coach at Rufus Burleson Elementary School, said she was moved to write the post after a lesson with some students.

“It’s so fulfilling. It’s nothing like living out your purpose and passions,” Gray shared.

That moment of gratitude, shared online, during a time when teachers are juggling so much.

”It’s the feeling that you get when you start the lesson, you’re the teacher. But by the end of the lesson, you’re the student,” Gray explained.

The married mother of four graduated from Dallas ISD and has been an educator in the school district for 14 years. She said her words were a positive reminder of one’s purpose and passion.

Gray admits many teachers are stressed during the coronavirus pandemic. They are navigating the challenges of virtual learning, face to face instruction, and other changes around COVID-19.

Gray described her colleagues and students as resilient.

“They come in every day, and I commend them on the level of dedication that they have. A lot of them are experiencing COVID issues within their own families, and they are coming in and just relentlessly teaching these students,” Gray added.

Daily meditation and laughter are some tasks the educator uses to stay focused, as she thinks about those three simple words that remind her why she and her colleagues stay committed to their jobs.

“The trials and the tribulations that you are going through are temporary. But the impact that you’re going to make on students will last forever,” Gray added.

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