GARLAND -- As part of the approval of a 2014 bond election, students at Garland High School will begin receiving their district issued iPads on Monday.

Garland Independent School District purchased 17,000 iPads for all high school students across 10 campuses. As part of the program, more than 100 businesses have partnered with the district to provide free WiFi to those students with school-issued iPads.

The program known as Ready 1:1 aims to enhance the learning process by using the iPads to teach lessons and get students more familiar with technology. Teachers in the district have been using iPads in the classroom since 2014 and the program will be expanded to middle school students next year.

The iPads will have certain features to make sure they are being used for the intended purposes. A filter will keep students from accessing websites and content unrelated to their studies. The Apple Store will also be disabled and replaced with the GISD portal where students can download apps for their classes.

Students who lose or break their iPads will pay a $50 repair fee, although students on free or discounted lunch plans will pay a smaller amount for repair or replacement.