DALLAS -- The calendar may say summer, but Dallas ISD is working hard to convert a shuttered elementary school in east Dallas into the first campus with enrollment designed to reflect socioeconomic diversity.

Solar Preparatory School for Girls is the latest choice school to open for DISD.

The school is designed to eventually become a K-through-8th school, but when class starts in late August, students from around the city will attend from grades K-through-2nd.

Solar Prep is one of three new, single-gender schools to open this fall.

That was an attractive element for Jennifer Anderson, parent to 5-year-old twins Samara and Samone.

"I think it will build up some empowerment," Anderson said.

The campus will start with 198 students. All the slots are taken. DISD says it received 360 applications.

Mike Koprowski is the chief of transformation and innovation with Dallas ISD.

"The national conversation right now is around, how do you build bridges across race and class?" he said. "Potentially, one of the answers is more socioeconomic and racially-diverse schools."