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DPD investigates 40 murders during month of May

'They need to do something': Residents say they don't want homicide rates in Dallas increasing as school ends and summer begins.

DALLAS — The month of May is ending with a significantly high number of murders in the city of Dallas. Police say there were 40 murders in May. The number of killings is alarming to many as school ends and summer nears.

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Before the sun goes down, Leroy Bee takes a quick walk through his South Dallas neighborhood.

“I’m always to myself,” Bee said as he walked to the convenience store.

Like many residents, the increasing number of murders across Dallas has him on edge.

"It’s worse than frustrating. It’s something, you’ve got to keep your eyes open," Bee said.

Two of the 40 killings happened in Bee’s neighborhood this week.

Fernando Leon also lives nearby.

”I’m kind of used to hearing gunshots going off,” Leon added. He’s also concerned about the volume of violence in the city, and the Dallas Police Department’s resources and response to the murders.

”I hardly ever see anyone just drive by or notice any kind of presence at all," Leon said.

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On the last day of a month filled with high murder numbers, the Dallas Police Department was busy ushering in brand new officers. 

Friday, supporters gathered in the Inspiring Body of Christ Church to watch 33 new officers take the oath and receive badges during a graduation ceremony.

Officer Jhane Jones will be working South Central Patrol.

”I want to be on the ground. In the field doing things. Hands on," she said.

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Adding 33 new officers is a plus for DPD. However, the number is nowhere near where the Department wants staffing to be. Administrators say DPD is currently 600 officers short.

Officer Steven Perrett is newly assigned to Southwest Patrol.

"The different culture that we bring as a class, will be impactful in the community. People from different backgrounds from all over the country. What they bring to the community, I hope will make a difference," he said.

Neighbors say they hope DPD’s new move staffing 22 detectives to the Homicide unit can help make a difference. While police say they’ve solved a large number of the murders, investigators continue urging community members to help identify suspects in the unsolved cases.

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"They need to do something," Bee said.

Residents say safety must be a priority.

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