DALLAS – Parents of students at Edison Middle School in West Dallas expressed concern Thursday over an approved plan to locate a concrete plant within a few thousand feet of the campus.

The Dallas Independent School District said discussion is now needed to look at the long-term future of the school, including the prospect of relocating it off of Singleton Boulevard.

DISD School Board resident Eric Cowan said Thursday the district asked the Dallas City Council to delay a vote that provided $2.5 million in incentives to move the Argos Ready Mix facility from Trinity Groves three miles west into an industrial park on West Commerce Street.

"They [the city] are in charge of zoning and we're in charge of educating kids," Cowan says.

The city says a routine form letter notifying DISD of the change in zoning went out in June.

"We're still looking into where that paper trail fell off," Cowan says. "We were in transition with superintendents, so it wasn't on our radar unfortunately."

Now Cowan says the board of trustees will need to take another look at the future of Edison in its current location.

The 500-student campus is slated to receive $14 million in facility upgrades if voters approve a proposed $1.6 billion bond on Nov. 3.

"We don't want to be pinned down on a promise we made to fix Edison when maybe the right move is to relocate it," Cowan says.