The deadly ambush on Dallas Police officers after a Black Lives Matter protest created shock waves throughout the nation.

But before terror covered the streets of downtown Dallas, heartwarming moments were shared between Dallas Police officers and Black Lives Matter protesters via Dallas PD's Twitter account.

Protesters marched in downtown Dallas, holding signs and chanting.

Hundreds of people filled the streets.

The Dallas Police Department posed with many attendees and posted those photos on their Twitter account.

Demonstrators continued to protest peacefully, marching down Main Street.

Protestors' cheers and chants rang out in downtown Dallas.

Many of the demonstrators could be seen in the typical Black Lives Matter pose dubbed: "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" as they marched.

All the while, Dallas Police commended their officers for diverting traffic to ensure the safety of the protesters. Speeches were delivered outside of the Old Red Museum.

Then, the protest was over, and demonstrators started to leave. Shots rang out, killing five police officers and injuring others.

The snipers were not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement or any terrorist organization, according to the Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Despite the lack of affiliation, the Black Lives Matter Twitter account found it important to mention they do not condone this violent behavior: