FRISCO, Texas — Dak Prescott is getting his dog back, but Icon the pit bull won't be allowed back in the city of Frisco, according to court records filed Wednesday.

Prescott's dog had been quarantined after attacking a neighbor on Feb. 25, biting off a portion of the woman's ring finger, police said.

The city was planning to hold a hearing later this month to determine whether the dog should be deemed "dangerous," but Prescott reached an agreement with the city on Wednesday to have Icon released.

But the dog "may not return to the City of Frisco without further court order," a municipal court filing said.

Dak Prescott's dog bit part of a woman's finger off, documents say

The pit bull bit a woman in Prescott's Frisco neighborhood after escaping Prescott's home "through an unsecure door," police said. 

The resident told police they saw a loose dog in their front yard, fighting with their dog through a fence. The resident went outside and saw two of Prescott's dogs loose. 

When the resident tried to intervene, the loose pit bull bit the resident, police said.

The woman was hospitalized for four days and left without a portion of her right ring finger, according to a complaint filed by a Frisco Animal Services supervisor.