The video is hard to watch, nail salon tech Marisela Liduena is attacked in her car in December. She manages to fight off her knife-wielding attacker. She told WFAA her story in her native Spanish.

"It was so scary. I thought that day was my last day on earth -- I have two kids in Columbia. They are all I was thinking about," said Liduena in Spanish.

Two months later, Liduena is back at work. She's one of eight employees of all women.

"We're all like sisters,'" said Quynh Bui, the owner of Pur Nails and Spa in East Dallas. They are all watching out for each other because unfortunately, they have reason to.

Just two days ago, Bui had her car's windows busted. The incident is caught on camera -- thieves took clothing, a laptop and more than $400 in cash.

It's one of many incidents that Bui has caught on her shop's cameras and has dutifully saved over the past two years. There's one from the summer when a customer won't leave and makes the mistake of bopping Giao in the head. She takes after him.

"So we follow him, and she yells 'You can't come in here hitting girls, and I'm on the phone with 911 to give them a description of the guy, and he throws a huge block of concrete at us," Bui said.

And then there's this video, an aggressive driver plows through a parked car in their parking lot, hitting an employee's vehicle and terrifying everyone inside the salon. Giao has filed a police report for every incident.

She doesn't plan to close her business but said she's seriously considering moving -- something that at least one neighbor has already done.

"Two weeks ago, the dentist they were robbed, and they moved out, and at that point, I considered that might be a reality for us," Bui said. The man who robbed an employee at knife point is still on the street.