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Video of arrest involving state troopers draws more concern from South Dallas neighbors

'It's very frustrating': Neighbors allege state troopers sent in to help Dallas police combat violent crime are over-policing their community.

DALLAS — Some neighbors are demanding answers about an arrest involving state troopers and a man outside his home Thursday in South Dallas. 

Video of that chaotic arrest is being shared across social media. It is also adding fire to tensions that have already been boiling between community members and state troopers who've been sent in to help Dallas police with its "Summer Crime Plan."

“Back up,” a trooper is heard shouting in the video. “Back up! Back up!”

The video is dark, and you can hear the shouts between troopers and Brandon Chandler’s family escalate.

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Chandler, 32, is seen on the ground being detained by several state troopers and police. His family says the troopers tried to stop Chandler to question him as he walked up to his home on Thursday.

But a spokesman from the Texas Department of Public Safety says the trouble started when a state trooper attempted to stop Chandler on a traffic violation on Myrtle Street. They say Chandler pulled up to his home and ran toward the house, ignoring verbal commands from the troopers.

As Chandler was being detained, one of the troopers used a stun gun.

This incident is the latest in what some community members are calling questionable stops by outside state troopers who have been called in to help Dallas Police Department crackdown on violent crimes and homicides. Troopers have been partnering with the Dallas Police Department's Summer Crime Plan for nearly eight weeks.

Residents in and around South Dallas have been complaining to City and county leaders for several days. Some of them are raising concerns about troopers allegedly targeting, profiling, and harassing residents during traffic stops.

”It’s very frustrating,” said Christine Chandler, who witnessed the troopers detain her son. 

She is among those who have been complaining about over-policing from troopers who are now on patrol in her community.

"It’s so frustrating until it’s not even worth coming outside to even deal with it," she said. "You don’t want to come outside to even have to look at them. It’s ridiculously crazy. Why should we have to live on the inside of our homes? Because if we come outside, we are going to get targeted. If you drive your vehicle you’re a target.”

Brandon Chandler was charged with resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

The video and arrest came hours after District 7 Councilman Adam Bazaldua called a press conference to discuss over-policing in a concentrated area of South Dallas. 

Later, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam McGough sent a letter to DPD requesting any available state troopers be sent to patrol areas he represents in District 10. Both Council members are asking for more transparency and details about DPD’s strategy related to deploying DPS troopers into areas of the city.

Just as there are residents and city leaders who are sharing concerns about the state troopers, there are many neighbors in southern Dallas who say they are pleased to see that presence on the streets.

The DPS troopers will continue to be a hot topic of discussion among city leaders and DPD in the coming days.

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