DALLAS -- Derek Whitener was seen leaving the hospital Saturday, a day after one of his attackers was arrested.

The following statement was released by his attorney, Chris Hamilton, as he left Baylor University Medical Center:

"We are blessed and pleased to announce that Derek Whitener was released from the hospital this morning. We are, of course, thrilled at this development, but also mindful that Derek still faces what most likely will be a long and painful road to full recovery.We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks as to all of Derek’s friends – old and new – who have done everything possible to help Derek heal from this horrific event. Derek and his family are profoundly grateful for the diligent, heroic efforts of the Dallas Police Department in catching the first suspect, making our streets safer. We appreciate the inspiring, national outpouring of support for Derek’s case, and remain committed in the difficult days ahead to doing everything that is necessary to make sure this preventable tragedy never happens again."

Hamilton released video of Whitener leaving the hospital:

Whitener, a theater artistic director at The Firehouse Theatre in Farmers Branch, was attacked by two men outside the Target store on Haskell Avenue Jan. 14 after he told security the men looked suspicious.

The suspects followed Whitener to his car and hit him with a wooden rod, police say, fracturing his skull.

<p>Derrick Whitener was seriously injured in an attack outside a Dallas store</p>

One unidentified juvenile suspect was taken into custody on Friday, while the other was arrested on Monday.

Target suspects
Target suspects