Katayoun Mokhtarzadeh lives near the Dallas Police Headquarters. It's a reason to feel safe, but not after an overnight incident at the station.

Police arrested 58-year-old Greg Simpson for smashing the windows of 12 police squad cars with a sledgehammer at the central patrol parking lot.

Michael Mata, president of the Dallas Police Association, said an unarmed intake officer spotted the suspect and arrested him.

"He's very lucky that that guy didn't turn the sledge hammer and assault him," said Matta. "The Marshal's would have had to come out and it could have turned into a deadly force confrontation."

This incident is the latest in a string of attacks on Dallas police buildings.

In June 2017, emergency crews responded to a suspicious package at the Dallas Police Headquarters forcing a lockdown. In 2015, a van plowed into a police car and the driver opened fire at the front entrance of the main headquarters.

Mata said the city needs to step up and install fencing around seven police stations to increase security and protect their officers.

"The funding has already been allocated in the bond package," Mata said. "It's there. It's just getting it done. Someone just needs to dig a hole and build some fences."

Mata said the fences would cost less than a million dollars. The city has not responded to requests for security increases or a possible construction date for the fencing.