Arlington Police Department released surveillance video of a purse snatching. On the video, you can see a car drive up and a suspect who jumps out, runs up to a woman's van and snatches her purse.

"You can see that as soon as the victim would place purse on the passenger's seat, they would open the door, grab it and run off,” said Lt. Chris Cook.

There have been about 15 purse snatching incidents in Arlington on Pioneer Parkway.

In one of the cases, the woman was injured when she struggled with the suspect.

"In the spur of the moment, these can turn violent especially, if the female tries to defend herself or tries to counter the attack,” said Lt. Clark.

There have also been two that police say are related in Grand Prairie. Police released these pictures of the suspects who seem to be casing areas where there are Asian businesses.

At the Colorful Nail salon, the owner says she's afraid to walk out to her car.

"I have to look around before I come to the car. That's what we have to do,” Ann Duong the owner.

Alexandria Marin says she too no longer feels safe, especially since the thefts are happening in broad daylight.

"I guess it's just not safe anymore. We thought we were in a safe place, but at the end, we are not,” said Marin.

Police say the suspects usually loiter around parking lots pretending to be on their phones, so they are asking people to call in if you see something suspicious.