A loss prevention officer coerced a theft suspect into sex after threatening to have her arrested, and there may be more victims, Grapevine authorities say. 

Alex Landry, 29, was arrested Thursday at his North Richland Hills apartment on a charge of sexual assault. 

His arrest comes after a woman told police Landry raped her after he caught her stealing on May 6 at a Forever 21 inside Grapevine Mills, the same mall where he works as a loss prevention officer at Burlington Coat Factory.

The woman told police Landry took her to the loss prevention office inside the Burlington Coat Factory and took pictures of her with his phone. He then raped her after threatening to have her arrested, police say.

The woman reported the sexual assault on July 7. 

After a search of Landry's phone, investigators found photos of other women taken inside the same office where the victim was raped, police say.  They don't know the identities of the women, but police believe they may be additional victims and are asking for anyone to come forward without fear.

"We don't want anyone who's committed a small crime to be scared to come forward when something horrible happens to them," said Grapevine Police spokesperson Amanda McNew.

Burlington Coat Factory did not answer questions from WFAA but provided a written statement, saying in part that "upon learning of this incident from authorities, we acted swiftly and have been cooperating with local officials."

Simon, which owns Grapevine Mills, declined to comment on the incident.

Anyone with information pertaining to the case or potential victims is asked to call Grapevine police at 817-410-3200 or 817-410-8127 after business hours. 

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