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What is 'jugging' and why are Royse City police warning the public about it?

'Jugging' is when someone follows someone leaving a bank with a large amount of money and then burglarizes them at their next stop.

ROYSE CITY, Texas — The Royse City Police Department is investigating a couple of "jugging" incidents that have occurred in the past week. 

"Jugging" is when someone follows a person leaving a bank with a large amount of money and steals it from them at their next stop. 

Police said the most concerning thing about one of the jugging incidents, which occurred at around noon on Friday, May 19, is how brazen the suspects were while committing the offense. 

"The suspects followed a female victim from a bank in the city of Rockwall to a gas station in Royse City," police said in a statement. "As the victim was pumping gas on the driver’s side of the car, the suspects pulled up on the passenger side of her car, broke out her back passenger side window, jumped into the back seat of the vehicle and stole the victim’s money and other belongings."

Police said the victim wasn't hurt during the incident, but that the situation could have easily turned into a robbery or violent crime. 

Security footage shared by police shows the suspect leaping through the window of the victim's car to take the money.

Police are advising the public that, if they need to withdraw a large amount of money from their bank, they make sure to conceal the amount of money they take out before leaving so it can't be seen while exiting. Police also advise people be aware of your surroundings while leaving the bank, and to call 911 if you believe someone is following you. 

Police say the suspected vehicle in this case is a newer white Chrysler Pacific Minivan, and that its license plate was stolen off a similar vehicle in Frisco.  

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