WARNING: Viewers may find some language in the raw video offensive.


HOUSTON – Houston police say a man will spend several years in prison after an unusual robbery attempt was caught on video.

The newly released video is from a crime that happened April 17, 2017, according to the Houston Police Department.

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Police say John Bell entered the Latino Cellular at 6710 Hillcroft Avenue in southwest Houston where he walked around a counter and told an employee to open the register. The employee refused to cooperate and walked out of the store along with customers. The employee then locked the door, keeping the suspect inside until police arrived.

John Bell
John Bell

Surveillance video shows the suspect shooting at the door's lock in an attempt to escape. Even after finding the keys, he couldn't unlock the door because of the damage to the lock. He then dropped to his knees and can be heard praying before apologizing.

Police soon took the man into custody without further incident. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. Records show the man was already on deferred adjudication for twelve years from another aggravated robbery in 2015.