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Residents question safety at Dallas apartment complex following shooting death of 9-year-old girl

Some residents say it doesn't matter how many cops or security guards are out there because it won't stop the violence that has spread across Dallas.

DALLAS — Plywood now covers the windows of the apartment where a 9-year-old girl was killed Wednesday night in Dallas.

Officials said Brandoniya Bennett was struck by gunfire of a gang-related shooting while sitting on her couch inside her apartment. 

"They stole her life. They stole her life. That's what happened,” said Tonya Elder, Bennett’s grandmother.

The incident started with an argument between two rappers who call each out in their music, Dallas police Maj. Danny Williams said.

One of the rappers, identified as 19-year-old Tyrese Simmons, shot at the townhouse that Bennett was in, police say. 

Bennett is the third child or teen killed at the Roseland Townhomes since July 1.

"Four doors down from us two young men were killed, buried together, funerals together, two weeks prior to that shooting. They shooting dice some boys walk up tell them to drop everything. Two boys shoot in those apartments. It's ridiculous. It has got to stop. It has got to stop,” said Elder.

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Residents are now asking why this keeps happening.

"They are going to have to do something because these kinds of incidents can't keep happening,” said Antonio Knight.

The complex is managed by the Dallas Housing Authority. 

DHA said they pay a private company a lot of money for security.

They told WFAA they've spent $123,000 on security guards since the beginning of the year at the complex and three other Roseland properties.

"I see them when it's time for them to check in and that's it,” said Knight.

DHA says they've installed cameras to help out. 

Wednesday night residents say there was a big fight before the shooting and they didn't see security. 

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WFAA talked to one resident who asked not be identified because she said she is scared.

"Do you feel safe, like is there enough security out here?" asked WFAA. 

"No, I don't," she said. 

Others say it doesn't matter how many cops or security guards are out there because it won't stop the violence that has spread across Dallas.

"Is it singular to this complex? Two people got killed last night in Oak Cliff. Nothing you are going to do. What put troopers and DPD over here and it will be a magical fix?” said Uncle JoJo.

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Everyone is searching for answers. They are asking if more could have been done to prevent the death of an innocent child.


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