FORT WORTH, Texas -- A purse snatching crime caught on surveillance tape in a Fort Worth bar is now going viral, and the victim hopes it could help catch the criminal.

"I hope that he would at least learn his lesson and not want to do it again," said Kandace Tulk, who had her purse stolen Monday night.

Tulk was at the Reservoir bar in Fort Worth's busy West 7th neighborhood, watching the Cowboys game with a friend. She hung her purse on the back of her barstool and didn't realize when a man walked up behind her about 9:45 p.m. and made off with her purse.

Surveillance video shows him pausing directly behind Tulk, appearing to look at a television monitor in the distance. He then grabs the purse and walks off, stuffing it inside his shirt before walking out the back door of the bar.

"Kind of seems like he has done this before, honestly," said Tulk. "I thought, wow, very smooth of him. I can't believe I didn't even notice it."

The split-second crime cost Tulk about $400. She had to replace her car keys, her house keys, her IDs and debit card. She reported the incident to Fort Worth police, and she said the management at Reservoir has been helpful through the ordeal.

They located the incident on the bar's surveillance system, and video has been shared and viewed on Facebook tens of thousands of times. Tulk hopes that other women will see the crime and be more cautious.

"I should not have put it on the back of my chair, because I didn't have a good eye out for my purse," she said. "It was behind me. It was down closer to the floor, and I could have had it in my lap or on the table. That would have been a better idea for sure," she said.