WARNING: The content in this article may be too graphic for some readers.

A St. Charles man reportedly tortured and killed a kitten belonging to his daughter, claiming he "couldn't remember anything", police said.

Last month, a St. Charles officer responded to a household for a report of animal abuse. Upon arrival, a woman claimed her ex-husband was home and intoxicated, and found drops of blood in her daughter's bedroom on the floor and closet door. The woman said she later found her daughter's kitten dead in their backyard.

Her ex-husband, 33-year-old Levi Wilson Lyda, said he wanted to get rid of two cats who lived at the house, an adult female cat, and her kitten. Lyda thought he had opened the back door to let the cats "run out," but the adult cat returned. He sat down to watch television and became intoxicated, saying he "couldn't remember anything."

The responding officer found the kitten with blood on her face coming out of her mouth, and a "defected and deformed face consistent with blunt force trauma." The kitten also had a broken hind leg, which led the officer to believe the kitten was tortured prior to its death.

Lyda admitted to drinking six beers and half of a bottle of vodka while at home that day. He said the last thing he remembered was his daughter knocking on the front door when she returned home from school. Lyda said he thought he may have killed the kitten, but had no memory of the ordeal. He was the only person home when the kitten was last seen alive.

Monday, Lyda was charged with felony animal abuse. He was originally charged with a misdemeanor, but charges were upgraded. Police set his bond at $50,000, cash-only.