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Dallas police release video of officer shooting, killing man at gas station

Police chief Eddie Garcia said officers tried to stop the man earlier that night, but he got away after a chase.

DALLAS — The man who was shot by police after he allegedly pulled a gun during an arrest in a fight in Northeast Dallas this week has died, officials said.

Kyle Dail, 30, was identified as the man who died, according to the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office. 

The Dallas Police Department held a press conference Friday, July 29, to detail what led to the fatal shooting of Dail, sharing their commitment to being transparent with the community. 

During the press conference, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said on Thursday, July 27, officers were investigating drug complaints at the LBJ Food Mart in the 13000 block of Jupiter Road near the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway. That's when an undercover officer witnessed Dail making hand-to-hand drug sales in the parking lot before leaving in a vehicle, police said.

Garcia said officers then followed the vehicle and saw a traffic violation, initiating a traffic stop around 10:25 p.m. in the 600 block of Skillman -- but the vehicle didn't stop. 

Police then tried to chase the driver with their vehicles and a helicopter, but they eventually lost the suspect. 

According to Garcia, around 11:35 p.m., officers saw the same vehicle back at the convenience store, then saw Dail go inside the business. 

Surveillance video shows officers entering the business and approaching Dail from behind to take him into custody. But Dail allegedly began to resist arrest and a struggle began. 

Garcia said after reviewing both store surveillance and body-worn cameras, detectives saw the suspect remove a handgun from his pocket. Garcia said officers could also be heard warning other officers that the suspect was armed as the struggle began. 

In the video, Dail could be seen transferring his weapon from his right to his left hand, and then it appears he tossed the weapon to another aisle in the business.

Garcia said the video shows after the weapon is tossed, one officer pulled his gun and then fired at Dail, striking him. 

That officer was the only officer who fired his weapon during the incident, as more emergency crews were called to the scene.

Dail was unresponsive and then transported to a local hospital in critical condition, police said. 

The officers involved weren't injured. 

“This event and these events are traumatic. This is traumatic to the family of Kyle Dale. We recognize that, I recognize that and for those that know him as a friend,” Garcia said. “But it’s also traumatic to our officers who were involved that night. This is never our intended outcome.”

See the full press conference below: 

Garcia said a preliminary investigation showed Dail should never have been in possession of a firearm and had a criminal history that included multiple evading arrest charges and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Following the shooting, Garcia said Dail's weapon was found to be loaded with four rounds and in a cocked position. Law enforcement also found drugs from the earlier sale on his person. 

The officer who fired his weapon is a three-year veteran of the department. 

Police said the Dallas County District Attorney's Office and the Office of Police Oversight are investigating the incident. 

More information is expected to be release during a full press conference on Friday.

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