GARLAND -- Police are now calling the death of 57-year-old Jacinto Torres Hernandez, who went by Jay Torres, a murder.

Torres worked as a freelance journalist for La Estrella, a Spanish-language publication produced by the Star-Telegram. According to Garland police Torres was found Monday in the backyard of a Garland home on Mayflower Drive.

They say he was killed by a single gunshot wound.

"In a situation like this where there is a gunshot wound that is the cause of death, then we will look at it from the perspective of a murder until we rule out other situations," said Lt. Pedro Barineau with the Garland Police Department.

Police say Torres was found by a friend Monday and that responding officers believe his body had been there for several days.

"As of right now it looks like a murder," Barineau said.

Rebecca Aguilar, a journalist and close friend of Torres, spoke to News 8.

"It is shocking that someone, a fellow journalist and friend, has been murdered," Aguilar said. "Jay had no enemies. He believed in the Buddha teachings of peace, love and non-violence."

Aguilar says Torres covered stories for the Latino community of North Texas and spent time mentoring journalism students.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Torres' family. You can contribute at this link.

“His dedication, devotion and passion for journalism will always be remembered by all. He was a person who always focused on covering the Hispanic community in a full, objective and professional manner,” Juan Antonio Ramos, executive editor of La Estrella, told the Star-Telegram.

“But his death also leaves a gap, a huge vacuum for the wonderful friendship that he always gave to so many people. His love for his family, his dedication to his work, his affection for his friends, that's something we will always have with us.”

If you have any information you are asked to call Garland police at (972) 272-8477 (TIPS).