A southern Dallas convenience store has been ordered to end its sales of a dangerous synthetic drug called K2. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced a permanent injunction and fines of $40,000 against Hi Flamez convenience store and its owner, Mohamed Bakr.

The permanent injunction comes after months of investigation. The Narcotics Division of the Dallas Police Department accused Hi Flamez of violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act in January 2017. The store was accused of illegally selling synthetic marijuana.

K2 and other synthetic drugs are becoming a growing problem across Dallas. Police are tweeting photos of K2 dealers and users they are arresting, almost daily. Videos of users are going viral across social media.

Cedar Hill resident, Michael Toney said, “It’s a bad effect. You know anything that alters you mind, man, it’s not good.”

A crackdown on the synthetic drug sales and distribution had investigators eyes on Hi Flamez. Investigators say they found dozens of packages in the store labeled Scooby Snax, White Tiger, and Kush.

WFAA spoke with Bakr on the phone. He claimed the store was under new ownership and everything involving synthetic drug probe was being handled.

Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, it is against the law to manufacture, deliver, or possess a synthetic cannabinoid like K2.

Investigators say its toxic chemicals have side effects leading to severe paranoia, psychotic episodes, kidney damage, violent delusions, and suicidal thoughts of self-mutilation among other things.

”It’s something that the community can’t stand anymore,” said Dallas City Councilman Tennell Atkins.

Atkins represents District Eight where Hi Flamez is located. He says K2 is putting a burden on police and fire crews, a burden on hospitals, and a burden on communities.

”My main deal is Southern Dallas,” Atkins explained. “This is something we had many, many, years ago. We had cheese up north, and all of a sudden it was a big deal and they cracked down on it. Now K2 south. We’ve got to do the same thing that we did in north Dallas. Come south, crack down on it, and get rid of it.”

For now, Hi Flamez remains under a heavy microscope. Paxton says a $40,000 final judgement has been issued against Hi Flamez and Mohamed Bakr.