DALLAS Blood still satins the ground where a Dallas woman was violently attacked at the Whole Foods Market at Preston Road and Forest Lane in North Dallas.

The victim who asked that her identity be concealed explained what happened.

He grabs the cart from me, throws it aside, pushes me down on the asphalt on the concrete, she said.

The suspect then began slamming her head on the ground and ripped her jewelry from her.

I had a necklace my father had given me literally when I was 21 years old, and he grabbed it from my neck and took it off.

The suspect also snatched the 7.5 carat diamond wedding ring from her finger. It alone was worth more than $90,000.

He said, 'Give me your ring and shut up,' and he kept slamming and slamming my face with his fist, just over and over again, until blood was coming all out of my nose and from the side here.

The suspect left the victim's face a bloody mess. He also shattered her glasses, which cut into her face, requiring stitches.

There was no sign nothing that would make me feel any sort of fear, the victim said, because the suspect looked preppy and drove a fancy car as though he fit into the upscale shopping center.

The victim spoke to News 8 because she wants other women to know what happened to her and to be careful.

I have been praying so much, the victim said. I have asked everyone to pray for him to be caught so he doesn t do this to anyone else.

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